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Resturant Deep Cleaning

Resturant Deep Cleaning

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  1. surfaces.

  2. Declutter: Remove unnecessary items, such as old menus, unused condiments, and clutter from shelves and countertops.

  3. Dust and wipe surfaces: Dust all surfaces, including dining tables, chairs, shelving, and decorative items. Wipe down surfaces with appropriate cleaning solutions, paying extra attention to areas with built-up grime.

  4. Clean and sanitize the kitchen: Focus on the kitchen's critical areas, such as cooking surfaces, ovens, grills, fryers, and prep stations. Use degreasers to remove built-up grease and food residue. Sanitize countertops and food preparation surfaces with a food-safe sanitizer.

  5. Deep clean kitchen equipment: Clean and sanitize all kitchen equipment, including stovetops, grills, ovens, refrigerators, and deep fryers. Remove and clean refrigerator shelves and food storage areas.

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